Please note a BIG change in conditions this year as we are running DRIVE THROUGH CLINICS through the Raymond Terrace Bowling Club carpark.

Please read the below information carefully before calling to book - Bookings are essential!

  •  Patients enter the Bowling Club carpark off Jacaranda Avenue and will exit onto Port Stephens Street (Swan Street Entrance/Exit will be blocked off)...
  •  Please wear clothing that your arm can be easily accessed in, such as short sleeve or sleeveless top
  •  Where possible the needle will be given through the car window. This may not apply to high vehicles or carloads of 4+ patients.
  •  Younger children and their caregiver will be asked to get out of the vehicle and sit on a seat so the children can be held safely
  •  If you are coming in for a private Fluvax (not government funded), your fee of $15 per vaccine is payable by EFTPOS only
  • Please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time - this will help to minimise traffic congestion
  •  Please stay a minimum of 1 metre away from the car in front of you
  • After the drive-through vaccination, you will be required to wait in the carpark a further 10-15minutes as a standard post vaccination requirement
  • We may request to view your Medicare and/or Pension card
  •  We apologise, this service is available to existing patients only, any new patients wishing to be vaccinated please contact reception
  • Please the image below for directions of entry and exit points.
  •  Thank you for you patience with the changes in process this year